Welcome to the known world of Zemeoles (Zem-E-O-less). Here is a homebrewed world of my creation. In this world there is thirteen months with each consisting of twenty eight days.

Some general information:

  1. Meant for neutral, neutral good, and good characters (so they can SAVE THE WORLD)
  2. There are two sides to the map chaotic and lawful
  3. Death prison is a communal prison
  4. The core city where your characters start is a safe zone between the sides as well as a huge market where all kinds of goods can be found
  5. The lawful side is mostly plains and forests very green
  6. The chaotic side is mostly desert and rocky terrain
  7. There are 2 large caves one on each side
  8. Grimfort and Mirefield are the two big farming towns
  9. Some quests will only open to a player once they are at a specific level. This helps keep the campaign full and able to be continued even after the main quest has been completed
  10. Each player will start the campaign with a map that has a few rumors on the back, as well as 150 GPs 
  11. Quests are all side missions to the main overarching story. 
  12. Odd jobs fill time (just used to make some side money)

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