The story

Welcome Dm’s

This page will explain the overall story and secrets of Zemeoles.

Tips for the DM

Side quest/jobs are meant to help characters level before taking on one of the two leaders.

Keep track of what day the players are on in the year.

Get familiar with the world (read a lot)

Ask question/make comments


Every 13th month disaster strikes because of what’s happening in the caves. All players start on the day after the 500th 13th month during the new hope festival. During the festival the leaders of the 2 sides (Chepstow and Fesallia) blame each other and ask the people to bring down the other person. After this Radicast (see below) pops up from the ocean saying they are both to blame then vanishes. After that there is a smoke screen on the stage and both leaders vanish. From here the players must decide their own path. Side quests are meant to help players level before taking on the main story.

Before the story

Character and familiar creation. All characters must have a backstory and choose where they are from in the world of Zemeoles. All characters must have a reason to be in the core city at the beginning of your campaign.

Beginning setting

All Characters must start in the Core city on the first day of the year, during the New hope festival. During the festive the big three each have a speech blaming each other for the 13th month.

The 13th month

This is when evil strikes and magic is used to terrorize the land of Zemeoles. This has been going for the last 500 years. See the Caves page for more details.

Night Market Vendors:

The land of Chepstow

The core City

The land of Fesallia

Vender % for them to be at each night market Details
5%potion master High elf
39%Simple potions Half elf
27%Magic items Orc
4%High end magic items Halfling
30%High end blacksmith
30%High end tanner
100%General goods
85%Hunter selling meat wood elf
Multiple people100%Mercenaries
Vender % for them to be at each night market Details
100%General goods
50%High end tanner
60%High end blacksmith
90%Magic shop
10%Rare magic shop
95%Simple potions
15%Exotic potions
100%Black smith
100%General goods
Vender% for them to be at each night market Details
Grunder 80%Blacks smith Half orc
Bob80%Black smith Human
Vlad20%High end black smith Dragon born
Johnson99%Tanner Human
Frunter10%Tanner with rare and unusual pelts
Talia and Ethen 95%Hunters selling meat Both wood elves
Gunther15%Hunter selling exotic meats
Jason95%General goods Human
Alisha95%General goods Elf
Alexandrea25%Potions master
Birthna95%Simple Potions
Multiple people100%Mercenaries

The big three

Dracun Hammer Smash

The leader of the land of Chepstow. He is a half-orc and has been in power for the last 40 years and started at the age of 14. Looks like an half orc but is really a shape shifting adult green dragon.

Tall muscular battle warn half orc. King of the people. Does not take excuses as an answer.

Immeral the Great

The leader of the land of Fesallia. He is a high elf and has been in power for the last 150 years and started at the age of 278. Looks like an elf but is really a shape shifting adult gold dragon.

Medium height slim but buff high elf. He considers himself to high above the common people to even deal with them.

Radicast the Turtle Dragon

Giant water turtle dragon with death prison on its back. Radicast has not been seen in over 500 years.


Dracun Hammer Smash

Talks second: By the way by you scurvy ridden nimrods who decide to listen my name is Dracun hammer smash, the ruler of this beautiful and oh so plentiful land. I don’t know where this so called “leader” get his moronic and plainly fucking stupid ideas. The last time I saw his fucking plank of a face he was putting the fear of the pits into a peasant who “dared” to use magic to save his family from a drought. Our crops are green. Our orchards are rich. We use what is nature. Magic is in everything! who in their right mind would tell a blasted elf to not use something that lives in them. His daft ideas keep his people chained, their lives are stale as a chunk of last years bread. Our people live exciting lives, and more important our people are free. See if he can say that about his people safety in order. MY FOOKING ASS that is living in fear of a brainless clusterfuck of a lord who only cares about the word of law and not their sloppin people. Have a good fookin day you good listening brain fucks

Immeral the Great

Talks first: For one and a half centuries I Immeral the great have guided this land holding it together through every catastrophe that has touched this land. This is a peaceful land. We live in peace and order. However the land to our east are a different matter. Since the dawn of Chepstow there has been chaos. Before their delving into magic land was peaceful and ordered. Dracun hammer smash and his predecessors are to blame for the atrocities for what happens on the dreaded thirteenth month. his use of magic is causing this insanity. They destroy our lands by their repugnant use of magic. magic brings chaos and destruction. Our lands suffer, our crops become sick and die. People live in fear for their families, their children, their homes. People should not have to worry their loved ones they buried will come back from the dead. This abomination is unacceptable! Magic does not belong in this land. This is a place of order and safety. Now Dracun hammer smash what petty excuse do you have this time for your lack of accountability and pure stupidity you flaunt.

Radicast the Turtle Dragon

Talks third: Can you all just shut up you are both to blame someone take these imposters out and help bring stability to the lands. You both know all to well why these things are happening. Now the people need to find their own truth and use all the knowledge they can find to make their decision.

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