Spray’s DnD World

On the following pages will be an in progress DnD (Dungeons and Dragons) world free for anyone to use. I have had the idea of creating a world in DnD for years now, and its time to start writing all my ideas down. Once I do that I’ll start to flesh out all the details. This is a living document, so it will change as I add more ideas and detail. Feed back is always welcome.

DND Blogs

2 Elves

I have had this idea for two elves that I have written up in the post but lost the sheets so this is what I remember about them. Race: Half water elf, Class: Knights, Relationship: twins, Names: Edwin & Marsha. Their earrings allowed for them to speak to each other telepathically. What do you guysContinue reading “2 Elves”


Here is a little more detail on Quanta the mute dwarf bard. Quanta only communicates with her harmonica, but her main instrument is a violin. She has always been teased for not being able to speak except for her best friend. She is very shy and timid. Also she gets distracted easily except when sheContinue reading “Quanta”

Quanta and Drorcas

Imagine this a dwarf bard who is mute. She would always carry around a small harmonica to play her feelings and emotions to her best friend, who somehow always knows what she is trying to say. Now Drorcas has always been her shield. He has done this for her since they where children.


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