Items of Vemeoles

Fragul fruitRareCan give an animal heightened sense of smell.
Grangle mushroomLegendaryCan bring someone back from he brink of death (3d10) health back
+5 Long sword (head chopper)one of a kind+5 to hit
Wind wind fruitLegendaryCan give an animal the ability to fly
Blood marrowUltra LegendaryA mineral that is adored by dragons but is soaked in evil

Relics of Zemeoles

book of the lost tunnels of the deepan ancient map and notes showing the cave of dispair before it became a cursed pitan ancient scroll rolled up in a dusty shell lost to time. discovered by the college and then stolen by pirates. located in a book and oddities shop located in hwen
Warhammer of the first general of moon brighta mighty warhammer of the first general of moonbright, Lord Agu’mar. he was the first to lead the armies of fesallia to take the core city in a mighty war. lost in the first great battle the mighty war hammer of Lord Agu’mar was found recently in one of the descendants of one of his officersfound hanging on the wall of a blacksmith in Acomb
calondor bane of the necromancercalondor :bane of the necromancers was a sword used by the adventuring hero Ze’veile. he battled against the necromancer Net’rigeti and his hoards of undead. with his sword and his band of men Ze’veile mannaged to beat back the undead hoards. their bones can still be seen today in a pile near the cave of the lost. lost to time the mighty colondor has been spotted making human torches around the city of Iddel on a group of zombies.
talk to the tavern keeper
talk to the tavern keeper of the sword. he is getting old and is not able to weild it like he once did. slay the hoards for him like the days of old
returning triangle sticka flat triangular shaped stick that magically flies back to the body part that launched it. it flies out and curves back gaining speed as it returns. unless stopped by a wall or door it will always find its way back.this magical triangle stick was found when a farmer threw it at his cow and managed to wack himself in the face with it. after hours of running from the stick and throwing it away he realized its potential
book of the necromancera old dusty book containing the writings, notes, and ravings of the necromancer Net’rigeti. lost to time the mighty Net’rigeti lost his tome in the finial battle against the adventurer Ze’veile. carried away by survivors of the battle as loot the book has re appeared multiple times in the hands of attempting necromancers.
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