The Night market starts at 10 pm and goes till 4 am. The night market is full of traders that come from everywhere. The night market travels from place to place depending on the time of year. (except in the core city) You will be able to find almost everything you would want at a night market.

This a very large festival that celebrates the ending of the 13th month and the start of 12 months of normalness.

On this day every year zombie and skeletons sprout from the ground. Even where no body’s have been put to rest. No one knows why this happens and no one knows if it will ever stop.

Everyone prepares for the 13th month. Boarding windows, hiring extra guards/ adventurers, and stocking up on food.

Minor avalanches all around the chepstow mountains full of ice elementals. This another natural phenomenon that happens every year.

Purple Purple everywhere. Purple Wears, gifts, and even the food.

This market is a very special event and only happens once every year. The market consist of only magic vendors. All items sold and/or traded by anyone must have some sort of magical properties. Market starts at midnight and runs until 2 am. All venders appear and disappear at exact times.

Welcome to expression days. On these days anyone can get on stage and express them selves whether that be through music, poetry, dance, etc. Anyone can sign up to participate the community loves to have new people be apart of these days.

A boat race from port valley to port maga.

A foot race from Tsunia to Hwen

This day is to celebrate our elders and their wisdom.

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