Secrets of the caves

Both caves have 50 levels to them slowly heading to meet each other deep below the core city. There is a very rare mineral that dragons love and is only found in Zemeoles in the caves/dungeon below the core city on the 50th level. Although when this mineral is mined evil is let loose and causes things to rise from the dead and attack Zemeoles. Very few people know about this and only mine the mineral on the 13th month of the year. The evil seeps into those that already aim to do harm and will use this time to take advantage of the chaotic situation and cause even more havoc.

Cave of Despair

The cave of despair is located in the mountainous region of the land of Chepstow.

1st level

Cave of the Lost

The cave of the lost is located in the forest of Fesallia above Tsunia.

1st level

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