Random thoughts.

I’m trying

I’m exhausted and done but that doesn’t mean I’m out. My medication just isn’t doing what the doctors said it would. I still have a panic attack almost every day and every night I cry my self to sleep alone and secretly pray “I hope I don’t wake up tomorrow.” Lately I’ve been feeling that…

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Depression rollercoaster

Where to begin today. I have been on a rollercoaster for all my life and have my big ups and downs. I can feel my self falling back down but I have no idea how to stop the ride or change the track to make it flat while I’m up and stay out of the…

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Fuck Depression

Okay so the other day sucked… I could barely get my self out of bed just laid there scrolling through tiktok. I managed to get up to make my self a PB and J sandwich for food. I don’t understand how the way I’m feeling affects even my physical body. The shitty part is sometimes…

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