Random thoughts.

Fuck Depression

Okay so the other day sucked… I could barely get my self out of bed just laid there scrolling through tiktok. I managed to get up to make my self a PB and J sandwich for food. I don’t understand how the way I’m feeling affects even my physical body. The shitty part is sometimes…

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How are you doing?

What I tell people to this question is usually “I’m doing good” but the truth is I’m not good. Fuck, I’m not even doing okay. I feel like I’m failing everyone around me. I cant even convince my self to go to work most days. Okay maybe convince is the wrong word, its more of…

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I hate moving but here I am again getting ready to start packing. This is a bitter sweet move. I really like where I am but moving in with my Mom is the smart move. I have been really struggling with my depression and anxiety for the last 5 months and due to this I…

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