I’m trying

I’m exhausted and done but that doesn’t mean I’m out. My medication just isn’t doing what the doctors said it would. I still have a panic attack almost every day and every night I cry my self to sleep alone and secretly pray “I hope I don’t wake up tomorrow.” Lately I’ve been feeling that I am falling down into a deep pit but I am reaching my arm out. I am going to talk to my doctor and see what he believes is the next best step. Whether or not that is new medication, in patient care or, out patient care. I am afraid of the next step but I know I have to so that I don’t just become a memory. My family is here to support me. I went out of my comfort zone and asked for help from my fathers side of the family. (which I don’t talk to often) If I had any advice for someone else with anxiety and depression and is struggling is that you shouldn’t be ashamed to ask for help especially from those that truly care for you, whether that be a family or friend’s.

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