How are you doing?

What I tell people to this question is usually “I’m doing good” but the truth is I’m not good. Fuck, I’m not even doing okay. I feel like I’m failing everyone around me. I cant even convince my self to go to work most days. Okay maybe convince is the wrong word, its more of this feeling of “no power”, to move, or think.

Quick side note let me explain what I mean by “no power,” its like I only have so much mental capacity to “adult”, and somedays when I wake up its like I was never put on the charger. It’s something I haven’t learned to “power through” yet.

But back to this question. I cant just go around telling everyone I’m not okay and want to die, that would just make for some really awkward and unpleasant conversations which frankly I’m not a fan of. Even the people I should be telling I’m not ok like my family and my therapist but when it comes to words I never have the right ones at the right time. So I just say I’m good.

Here is my question to my readers. How do you respond to this question and how are you truly feeling?

One thought on “How are you doing?

  1. I totally relate. I power through, power is a wrong word, I’ll rephrase, I laze through the morning, because finding the will to live takes longer each day. I wash my face and head to ‘work’ just so my family gets off my case. Them I call in sick at work. then I spend the day having coffee in different places, on credit because I can’t even afford that, before they notice the weirdo having coffee and staring into space. I’m not doing ok.


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