I hate moving but here I am again getting ready to start packing. This is a bitter sweet move. I really like where I am but moving in with my Mom is the smart move. I have been really struggling with my depression and anxiety for the last 5 months and due to this I have not been able to work. So basically I’m broke as shit and at the end of my rope financially. My brother has been helping me with money but I just can’t ask him for more cause all that would do is put me even deeper in the hole. I haven’t been living up to my own standards of what “adulting” is. I have been having a hell of a time even convincing my self to get out of bed. I’m hoping that by living with my Mom I will have the time to relax and not worry about anything but my self so that I can get out of this hole. But back to why I hate moving. For one I just started a garden (its above ground) outside and now I’m going to have to hope there is room at my Moms place. Number two is I have a really bad back and shouldn’t lift over 50 LBS. (chiropractor said so) so I can’t fill my boxes all the way or I won’t be able to lift them. That brings me to reason three, boxes are expensive and I’m only going to use them like once. The final reason why moving sucks is how long it fucking takes, I mean you have to pack, then transport everything (I have a small car), then unpack everything. Oh I just thought of another plus to living with my Mom and it was a friend on Facebook that reminded me that I don’t need to self isolate to work on my Self. I need to see and communicate with other people and my family might be where I start with that. But anyways as always thanks for reading.

PS. Fuck depression

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