Hello everyone hope you are all doing well. I’m doing ok I guess I’m going through a lot right now But who isn’t these days. I had what my doctors are calling a mental break a few months ago and dove into a deep depression. Because of this I’ve been off work but I am finally going back to work next week. Its only part time but I’m still just happy I’m finally capable of going back even at a limited capacity. My friends are the reason I was able to make it out of this on 2 feet. They are the best and love to by me games just so I can play with them cause I’m broke since I’ve been out of work. Another thing that has helped though is finding things for me todo that I did alone. One of those things is I started a garden outside my place. I’m growing so many things but I’m really exited for the snap peas. I’ve also been playing a lot of planet zoo to fill my time its a really fun game to smoke weed and chill too. The other thing I’m doing is this blog and website which so far I’m pretty proud of I like how its coming out. Thanks for listening to me ramble have a fantastic day everyone.

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