Sleep Deprived

Sleep seems to escape me tonight so here I am writing well ….. I’m not sure just lettings the thoughts flow through me so please hang in there with me. I’ve found this new song called Tiny Riot By Sam Ryder and right now I’m just listening to the song on repeat. Some times when I can’t sleep I find a song or a playlist I like and crank it up to 11. Today a friend made me pretty upset but come to realize it was just my brain over analyzing the situation. Music for me is the best way tp escape the world. My favorite playlist I have currently is called “sad songs” and as the name suggests it is full of sad songs lol. Sad songs or at least calming instrumentals of said sad songs help me relax and not think to hard about what is going wrong in my life. Sorry if any of this was to boring or jumbled up mess thank you for reading and have a great day and listen to a sad song or two for me.

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