Welcome to Spray’s world.

Henlo friends, I’m xSPRAYaholic or spray for short and this is my world. Here you will find a lot on DnD, some personal things, and I’m sure I’ll throw in a few curve balls now and then. Come be apart of what I hope to become a great community.

Latest Ideas


Should I stream is the question of today. I have streamed before but I was pretty disappointed that my old mic didn’t sound the best. I just got a new mic and headset so I sound better. I have a camera but that also needs to be replaced but I streamed the other night without…

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DnD homebrew Item idea

Imagine 2 daggers one cold (Silvia) and one hot to the touch (Gerared). As you grab the first dagger your skin begins to change, becoming blue and scaly but only on the half your body the side with the dagger you’ve picked up. When you grab the second dagger the rest of your skin begins…

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Sleep Deprived

Sleep seems to escape me tonight so here I am writing well ….. I’m not sure just lettings the thoughts flow through me so please hang in there with me. I’ve found this new song called Tiny Riot By Sam Ryder and right now I’m just listening to the song on repeat. Some times when…

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