Welcome to Spray’s world.

Henlo friends, I’m xSPRAYaholic or spray for short and this is what’s inside my head. I have a lot to show you all so I’ll do my best to organize all my different thoughts the best I can. A lot of the website will be dedicated to the DnD (Dungeons and Dragons) world/campaign I am creating. I’m also writing a blog, I will be getting into the innerworkings of my mind, feelings, and creativity. This is the first step to change in my life, so come along for the ride its going to be a roller coaster.

Latest Ideas

Red and Blue Daggers

The red dagger is an extremely sharp looking dagger with a red magical gem at the end of the hilt. This dagger when touched to an ally will heal them the amount of damage that was dealt to an enemy with this dagger. When the blue dagger is in your off hand the amount of…

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2 Elves

I have had this idea for two elves that I have written up in the post but lost the sheets so this is what I remember about them. Race: Half water elf, Class: Knights, Relationship: twins, Names: Edwin & Marsha. Their earrings allowed for them to speak to each other telepathically. What do you guys…

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DnD homebrew Item idea

Imagine 2 daggers one cold (Silvia) and one hot to the touch (Gerared). As you grab the first dagger your skin begins to change, becoming blue and scaly but only on the half your body the side with the dagger you’ve picked up. When you grab the second dagger the rest of your skin begins…

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Personal Blog

4am thoughts

Why am I here? That’s what I’ve been asking my self lately and honestly can’t come up with a damn thing. Death is something I should be afraid of but I’m just waiting for it to happen cause what’s the point of me being here? I guess the reason I’m still here is cause I…

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Fuck working

I can’t work or at least that’s what it feels like to me. I have been dealing with panic attacks and my depression and anxiety. Somedays it takes everything I have just to get out of bed and see my family. I don’t think that my family understands how hard it is for me to…

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I’m trying

I’m exhausted and done but that doesn’t mean I’m out. My medication just isn’t doing what the doctors said it would. I still have a panic attack almost every day and every night I cry my self to sleep alone and secretly pray “I hope I don’t wake up tomorrow.” Lately I’ve been feeling that…

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